Just as toasts are easy and practical, starters and nibblets will enlighten your buffet. The success of Croquants de Lune made the reputation of Khonsavanh’s cuisine. Affordable and generous, starters and nibblets will please your guests.

3 000 K / la pièce Small Nems Delicious and crunchy, a Vietnamese classic 3 500 K / la pièce Small Nems rolled in Salad If, like me, you like them wrapped in a salad leaf tied by fresh shallot... 3 000 K / la pièce Spring Rolls The Lao way : rice paste, soja sprouts, french beans, banana leaf, coriander, mint and ground beef 3 000 K / la pièce Small stuffed tomatoes Another of Khonsavanh’s specialties, these stuffed tomatoes will the cool moment of your buffet 3 000 K / la pièce Small cheese buns Antonin Carême, invented «croquembouches» and brought to posterity this famous ‘pâte à choux’ marvelously puffed. Usable at will, you’ll find it salted in these pages and sweet in the desert section. 3 000 K / la pièce Small Ham Buns Ham here, is mixed in the doe, giving these buns a nice rosy and tasty colour. 3 000 K / la pièce Croquants de lune Chicken, vegetable & cheese Khonsavanh’s specialty which made her reputation 3 000 K / la pièce Vegetarian Croquants de lune Vegetarians will be delighted to share these crunchy subtleties at your table 3 000 K / la pièce Mini quiches Mini quiches to your taste : mushroom, spinach, vegetable, cheese, ham, bacon, salmon, you name it ! 3 000 K / la pièce Mini Pizzas Mini pizzas to your taste : mushroom, olives, capres, onion, oregano, bacon, sausage, ham, anchovies, you name it ! 3 000 K / la pièce Fish Accras For the fine connoisseur and hot fish lover. A classic from Antilles just as the small blood sausage, available for your creole parties

Nos starters


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