A unique selection which can be prepared in small portion for buffets or in original size. Some sausages, such as andouillettes or boudins noirs, requiring a long preparation are only available on order.

110 000 K / Kg CHIPOLATAS Plain sausages for children. 110 000 K / Kg SWEET SAUSAGES with Java lemongrass 110 000 K / Kg MILDLY HOT SAUSAGES with Java lemongrass and Paprika 110 000 K / Kg LUANG PRABANG SAUSAGES Traditionnal recipe 100 000 K / Kg BOUDIN NOIR Pure french style as in Mortagne in the Perche 110 000 K / Kg BOUDIN NOIR ANTILLAIS Who would have thought that Khonsavanh would have ordered ‘bois d'Inde’ especially for you ?! For rhum ‘charrette’ and Ti punch amateur.... Order only... 50 000 K ANDOUILLETTES DE TROIES Price ‘by the string’, 220g portions – One of the finest moment to share with Andouillettes amateurs.



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