Farang Desserts

The available pastries are french classics of the family table.
In no way do they pretend to match the refinement of refined pastries, for here it is the homemade tradition which prevails. A sure treat for buffets and garden parties, for adults and children alike.

10 000 K / 25cl Fruit Salad 100 000K for a serving of 10. Coming in a big serving bowl or individual portion, contains at least 7 different fruits. 120 000 K / Kg GINGERBREADS Nuts and 2 honeys gingerbread, crunchy and soft. 120 000 K / Kg Asian fruit cake A re-incevention of the fruit cake we all know. 100 000 K APPLE PIE The all time favourite, covered with apple slices. 120 000 K Normande Pie The true recipe with a crusty doe, almond paste on apples, flambé with calvados. 100 000 K Pineapple Pie Crunchy with fruit topping, a delight ! 100 000 K Lemon Pie with Meringue Another all time classic, for all lemon lovers. 130 000 K Chocolate Pie The killer dessert for all. 3000 K / la pièce Vanilla Petits choux Stuffed with home made vanilla cream... 3000 K / la pièce Chocolate Petits choux Real chocolate topping, still untopped to this day ! 100 000 K / Kg Gâteau marbré The home made marble cake, be sure not to lose it ! 120 000 K / Kg Chocolate Cake Non creamy chocolate cake. 150 000 K / Kg Very chocolate chocolate Cake For the Very Amateur ! 10 000 K / le verre Dark Chocolate Mousse A dark chocolate moose ? No, mousse !


Nos desserts Farang


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